A personal wellness prescription

A transformative six-week online program designed just for you. 

Each program is tailored to your goals and can revolve around any theme — physical, mental or spiritual. Whether you’re seeking to overcome a hip injury, heal a broken heart, or cultivate inner strength, I create a unique MELT prescription that caters to your lifestyle needs and desires.

Personalized Guidance and Tools Tailored to Your Individual Needs and Challenges

Embrace Your Unique Journey with CLARITY

This offering was designed with a personal touch for YOU as an individual in mind. If you are seeking personalized guidance, support, and tools to navigate specific challenges or promoting a deeper understanding of yourself, CLARITY is the program for you.

Virtual Sanctuary: Personalized Wisdom and Balance from Your Own Space

This is an online offering from the comfort and coziness of your own space. Through personalized sessions filled with wisdom, compassion, and practical tools, we’ll collaborate in a weekly virtual sanctuary designed to bring tranquility and balance to your life. Additionally, you’ll have daily access to me through an application channel so we can address daily obstacles and celebrations.

Let’s Get Started

I work with clients on Wednesday and Friday, and have a few openings on other days if needed.

Once payment is received, you’ll be directed to schedule a session time that works for you.

Meet Your Guide

I am a Mom.
I am a Wife
I am a Friend.
I am a Yogi.
I am a Buddhist.
I am a Love Warrior.
I am the founder of MELT—A Yin inspired life.

Each of these paths I have walked and embody. They have created the woman I am today. Through my life experiences, my career within yoga and health, and working with students and clients, I have arrived at MELT. I work with people that crave pause. I teach people to find serenity in the chaos and how to nourish a yin-inspired life.

Ultimately, I show people how to dance within the chaos. I inspire them to get unstuck, unfreeze, and let go. I inspire them to melt into their true nature.

Let’s work together, one on one, to address your most pressing issue!