Welcome to Our Cozy Little Corner of the World. 

Feel free to come on in and get comfy. 

Let your shoulders drop. 

Feel your breath slow down. 

Settle in and enjoy the yin-inspired life. 

We’re here to help you get grounded, centered, and balanced. 

Think of us as the antidote to all the yang-inspired living out there. 

Why We Are Unique

We’re Melt. 

We transform rigid into fluid. 

Inspire you to accept your beautiful self without forcing it. 

Teach you how to let go and flow. 

We believe that when your guard comes down, walls come down. 

Limitations come down. 

And possibilities open right up.  


We’re Melt. 

We invite you to dance in the chaos. 

Wrap your arms around daily challenges and give them a big ol’ hug. 

Watch the waves rise and fall without getting caught in the tides. 

Master the art of Conch Consciousness. 

And, ultimately, melt into your true self. 

My Story

How I Got Started

I am a Mom.
I am a Wife
I am a Friend.
I am a Yogi.
I am a Buddhist.
I am a Love Warrior.
I am the founder of MELT—A Yin inspired life.

Each of these paths I have walked and embody. They have created the woman I am today. Through my life experiences, my career within yoga and health, and working with students and clients, I have arrived at MELT. I work with people that crave pause. I teach people to find serenity in the chaos and how to nourish a yin-inspired life.

I am a native Californian. After attending college in Oregon (proud duck! Quack!) I spent the early part of my career on the East Coast. Out of college I entered the corporate world and worked in the advertising and lobbyist realm. In the midst of my time in these business communities I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2003 at Bikram’s Yoga College of India.

In 2008 I found my way back to California and embarked on my path of yoga, health, and wellness in my personal and professional life. I have been an entrepreneur, holistic health counselor, yoga teacher, yoga studio owner, yoga teacher trainer, and business consultant. I enjoy retreating and feel nourished by participating in mentor and disciple relationships. I continue to attend trainings for my personal growth.

Through the years I have found I gravitate toward Yang choices in our Yang world. I balance my world with Yin practices. Yin choices benefit me every time. There is a profound impact of Yin practices in enhancing our Yang-driven lives. Yin is yielding, allowing and nourishing. Instead of fighting back when confrontation arises, a yin-inspired life embraces it. Wraps its arms around daily challenges and gives you a big ol’ hug.

Ultimately, I show people how to dance within the chaos. I inspire them to get unstuck, unfreeze, and let go. I inspire them to melt into their true nature.

What Others Are Saying

“Kelly, you are so important in our world. Your words are important. Your energy is important. Your actions are important. You are a powerful person. I am sincerely grateful for the unconditional and abundant love you gave me. Thank you so much. It was much needed.”

–Nevada City, CA July 2022 attendee

“How do I say thank you in such a way that you feel it? The MELT Retreat was more than my words can express. It was warm, inviting, accepting, comfortable, nurturing, loving, heart opening and most of all—healing.

I had no idea where the Yin, the love, the nature would take me this time or what I even needed, but I found whatever it was and I feel healed. I am.

Thank you for catching my tears and keeping me warm when my heart broke open. Thanks for each and every detail you so carefully orchestrated.”

With gratitude and love, Mika
Sagrada Wellness, Fall 2023

“Your retreats create an amazing healing container, and just like Yin itself…invite you to relax into all the places that need loving attention. What a gift you create for everyone who is blessed to attend. SO needed in this current life experience of increased stress and overwhelm in our midst.”

– Whitney Demorest, Forest Hill, CA October 2020 attendee

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